How do we know our support is the best in the industry? It's when a five-year state government Leader Phone® customer chose a competitor's "low bid", then four months later came back, complaining about the productivity "nightmares" caused by lack of support and features from that vendor.
No phone tag at Leader Phone® - Guaranteed!

Leader Phone® Pro

Leader Phone® Pro Support Resources

Leader Phone® Pro premium services provide a full complement of customer support services. Our product design objectives are continuously striving for product features that are intuitive so that you can do your work without having to worry about how to use your audio conferencing tools. Most traditional, crusty audio conferencing services have neglected the user, and instead focus on how to make things easier for their generic call centers who do not specialize in audio conferencing as we do at Leader Phone®.

Leader Phone® Pro Support includes:

Online Help Desk / FAQs

  • Answers common questions
  • Easy-to-read non-technical, conversational format
  • Step-by-step how to's

One-page User Guides

  • All you need to know on one page for each feature
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • Easy 1-2-3 step processes; makes you an expert quickly
  • Written in plain English; no technical jargon

Free Webinars/In-house Training/Videocasting

  • Web Conferencing (Leader Meeting™)
  • Free training available upon request
  • No user group is too large or small
  • Free accessibility training also available

Free Handy Wallet Cards

  • Credit-card-size Leader Phone® Pro cards created
  • Contains your unique dial-in and PIN information
  • Includes keypad call control features
  • All you need to know about Leader Phone® Pro on one little card

Free Conversion Support

  • Free, seamless engineering and accounting support to make Leader Phone® Pro your provider
  • Use your existing PIN numbers (users don't have to memorize a new PIN)
  • Free billing support for custom billing options
  • Free training for your user community
  • Pain-free conversion objective

24x7 Phone Support

  • Call our office at (614) 890-1986 anytime day or night. If you call after hours, leave a message with the best time and number to contact you. Please describe the issue with as many symptoms as you can recall. We will endeavor to respond at your convenience. Leave your email if that is more convenient.
  • Email
  • Special "On Call" access directly to engineering and customer services

24 hr. Quick Response "Chat Live" Instant Message Help

  • One-click access to live online support personnel
  • Most questions can be answered immediately via Leader Phone® Chat Live
  • If we're offline, just leave your question and email/phone and we'll get back to you first thing in the morning

Operator & Moderator Assistance

  • Press Star*0 anytime during conference call to request a Leader Phone® Operator
  • Operator-assistance available (and recommended) for large calls
  • Moderator-assistance available for Q&A sessions

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