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"Leader Phone® Pro offers innovations not seen since the breakup of AT&T. Users are conditioned to have low
expectations. Leader Phone® raises the bar on
features, and we saved 60% over
our current services as well."
—Robert Crenshaw, Wyoming

Leader Phone® Pro

Premium Audio Conferencing for Higher Productivity

Traditional audio conferencing has been a silent productivity killer. Cumbersome set up. Operators unavailable after hours. Clumsy off-hook procedures for adding participants. Time wasted waiting for stragglers. Penalty fees. Hidden fees. Recording fees. Support fees. Setup fees. No security or privacy. Inefficient account management. Technological limitations. Homegrown solutions. These problems are symptoms of poor engineering and lack of innovation in the industry... until Leader Phone® Pro.

Real world: Company executives drive into Chicago on a Saturday to have important conference calls because their phone system cannot handle more than six people and the call quality drops with each new participant. Compare the total expense of this one example. Ten executives driving one hour on a Saturday costs the company $5,000 in lost productivity for just one conference call. Leader Phone® Pro could have called the participants at home, automatically, with no need for a dial in number or PIN.

Leader Phone® Pro is a proven leader. It saves you time and money with a simple, convenient, secure and economical solution that pays handsome productivity dividends. It is no wonder Leader Phone® Pro was the system trusted to coordinate thousands of first responders in life-saving and disaster recovery after Hurricane Katrina when Louisiana's phone network was swamped — the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States.

Simple Manage 1 or 1000's of users from a single backoffice web console. Organize billing any way required. Full online tutorials & one-page user guides. Training & support are free. Operators, facilitators, web conf. & video casting available. Mobile apps. Secure Conference calls vary widely in security & privacy requirements. Users can choose the level required, from calls requiring unique PINs for each participant to a universal PIN. All account information is encrypted. Economical Leader Phone® innovations give you simpler & more enhanced service options at a price generally lower that what you were paying previously for "plain vanilla." When you then put a pencil to the productivity gains. Leader Phone Pro® wins!
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