How Leader Phone® Pro Works

"Leader Phone® Pro gives us the same
audio conferencing capabilities as the
Fortune 500, maybe even better. One low
rate. No minimums. No risk. No long-term agreements. No hidden fees. Leader stands behind its product."
—Christina Anderson, Massachusetts

Leader Phone® Pro

How Leader Phone® Pro Audio Conferencing Works

Watch William Shatner´s Heartbeat of America TV interview with our founder Michael McKibben (click News then Blog or click here). Want a more in-depth look at Leader Phone® Pro premium services? It costs you nothing to try. The first 100 minutes are free, and if you never use more than 100 minutes, your credit card will not be charged. Guaranteed!

Download the Leader Phone® one-page brochure. View the Top 10 Reasons to choose Leader Phone® datasheet. Download our Hurricane Katrina White Paper to read how Leader Phone® helped saved lives after Hurricane Katrina even after over 1 million Bell South lines went dead. It worked unfailingly for state and federal first responders during the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States and it will work for you! Try it!

The Leader Phone® Pro Feature Set:

Ease of Use

  • Simple: Enables immediate use. No training needed for basic services
  • Flexible: Add other productivity features at your own pace
  • Automated: Group "blast dial" capability eliminates the need for a traditional dial-in number and PIN
  • Convenient: Add new participants instantly with Star*1 without having to leave the call
  • Records: Record any call with Star*4 and have the mp3 file emailed to you automatically
  • Handy Call Summary Email: Real time billing history online and by e-mail
  • Supports Outlook®: Multiple options to manage your call lists; supports Outlook®

Security & Privacy

  • Encrypted: Account data is encrypted and accessed via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Private: Account information never shared with third parties
  • Dissolving PIN Option: High security option issues unique PINs to each participant; these PINs dissolve after the call; each participant is emailed his or her unique PIN by the system automatically
  • Passworded: Account console and recordings password protected; passwords encrypted

Training & Support

  • User Helps: Online helps; one-page user guides; tutorials; intuitive, effortless functionality
  • Free training: 24x7 phone support; instant message support; free web conferencing & video casting if needed; we strive to answer your questions thoroughly, respectfully and with humor
  • Cross-browser compatible: Supports all web browsers
  • Web Console: Web-based account administration makes conversion truly painless
  • Painless conversion support: Full conversion support at no cost
  • Handy wallet cards: Wallet/purse cards with basic instructions and your organization's logo at no cost

The "Magic Sauce"

  • Widget-ready: App widget able to be associated with unlimited social media profiles simultaneously
  • Patents Pending: Five patents pending currently
  • Hybrid Core: Software engine is a fusion of web & voice technologies managing traditional & VoIP telephony
  • Multi-media Bridging: Manage multi-media bridging resources across multiple servers and server centers that are geographical dispersed and utilize redundant network connections

Quality & Redundancy

  • Audio clarity: 64Kbit clear "broadcast" quality; compared to 32K, 16K & 8K (i.e., "sounds like you're in a tin can"); helps avoid the quality annoyances when using purely Internet-based phone connections
  • Cross-platform: Hybrid TDMA-VoIP (i.e., any kind of phone) supports best of both worlds without sacrificing quality; in other words, connects regular phones and Internet-based phones in the same call
  • Dedicated DSPs: Dedicated audio conferencing DSP resources (digital signal processors)
  • VoIP degradation-avoidance: Avoids Internet packet roadblocks that cause telephone audio quality to vary wildly; audio conferencing needs dedicated resources to avoid the sporadic quality of Internet phones
  • Standards-based: Standards-based platform and architecture, including: IBM, Sun, Oracle, HP, Linux, Windows IIS, Apache, Java, C, C++, XML, SSL, XSLT, OODMBS, SQL, xHTML, HTTP, MSIE, Mozilla, TDMA (Time Division Multiplex Access), VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
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