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Leader Phone® Pro saves you money and enables you to conduct high quality audio conference calls without the cumbersome steps associated with crusty, old traditional conferencing technologies. With Leader Phone® Pro there is nothing to install, step up or configure. There are no monthly minimums and no hidden costs. We're always on — 24x7x365. You can manage your conference calls yourself without wasting time wading through automated prompts, only to encounter a generic call center operator who is reading from a script. Leader Phone® Pro takes the hassle and cost out of audio conferences with pay-only-for-what-you-use services. Leader Phone® charges per second and does not round your costs to the nearest minute unlike many other providers. The powerful web console lets you monitor your account and billing in real time. No more waiting.

You will need to provide your credit card information at Sign Up and you can get started immediately. No waiting. You'll immediately receive a confirmation email with account login information to retrieve your toll-free 877 dial-in number and unique, secure PIN.

Your credit card information will be encrypted, stored securely and never shared with others.

You are billed monthly. At Sign Up you get 100 minutes FREE automatically. That means you can conduct your first audio conference for 10 people for 10 minutes, or 5 people for 20 minutes, at no charge. No charges whatsoever are charged to your credit card until you have used your 100 FREE minutes. Guaranteed!

Once you use your 100 FREE minutes your credit card will be charged for each month's use at the end of the month at:

9.5 cents per minute per participant — no hidden fees. Guaranteed!

Lower rates are possible for volume accounts. Contact a Leader Phone® sales representative at (614) 890-1986 or sales@leaderphone.com to explore volume pricing.

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