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Ohio Consumers´ Counsel partners with Leader Technologies to provide Web 2.0 voice mail services to Ohioans in the 419 area code

"The OCC is pleased to support this vital new technology for citizens in northwest Ohio and we hope that it can be successfully expanded throughout the state."

Columbus, Ohio (July 21, 2009) – Access to sponsored voice mail services that are no cost to the client is now available to individuals in the 419 area code of northwest Ohio who do not have a telephone because they are without a permanent residence or cannot afford one.

This new service is being made available through the combined efforts of the Office of the Ohio Consumers´ Counsel (OCC), the state residential utility consumer advocate, Leader Technologies Incorporated and the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks (OASHF).

Leader Voice Mail® will enable people without phone service to retrieve messages from a personal telephone number which can be accessed from any touch-tone telephone, including wireless, or by using the Internet.

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Former Marathon Director joins Leader Board

Oil industry executive Riad Yammine brings substantial business experience to the company

Columbus, Ohio (January 16, 2009) — Leader Technologies Chairman Mike McKibben announced today that Riad Yammine, a former executive of Marathon Oil Co., was recently elected to the company´s board of directors. “We are honored and excited that Mr. Yammine will be advising Leader as a board member. He will bring a wealth of experience to the company, including his service as a board member of Marathon Oil Company, and numerous executive positions he held within Marathon and its key subsidiaries." His business philosophy is to "work collaboratively to build a bigger pie. You can´t serve society without a bigger pie, so you create more for everyone... This has worked. I´ve helped build a lot of bigger pies over the years."

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Leader sues Facebook for patent infringement November 19, 2008

Columbus, Ohio (November 19, 2008) – Leader Technologies Incorporated of Columbus, Ohio, announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit* against the social networking company, Facebook, Inc. of Palo Alto, California. The complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware and alleges that Facebook infringes Leader´s U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761 issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 21, 2006. The ´761 Patent generally relates to a method and system for the management and storage of electronic information. Leader seeks damages and an injunction against Facebook for its willful infringement of the ´761 Patent.

Leader Technologies Inc. v. Facebook Inc., 08-CV-862-JJF - U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

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Large Minnesota School District (Roseville) Applauds Alerting System

"Leader´s service is much quicker and more cost effective"

Columbus, Ohio (November 6, 2008) – After using its health and safety alerting system for nine months, Roseville Area Schools, a prominent Minnesota school district comprising more than 6,400 students, has declared Leader Alert® to be a key communications tool for connecting parents, says Leader Technologies Chairman Mike McKibben. Karen Schaub, Director of Community Education and Public Relations for Roseville Area Schools, described how the district utilized the product in a tense situation. "Our middle school used Leader Alert to quickly notify parents of a precautionary lock-down which was put in place to diffuse a potential confrontation by students from another school." Leader Chairman Mike McKibben credits the leadership of Leader´s Minnesota-based sales affiliate, Tyda, with establishing this relationship with the Roseville Area Schools.

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Leader Phone® Call Summary emails now delivered in real time

Call Summary information now posted online and delivered via email automatically

Columbus, Ohio (November 6, 2008) – On Nov. 4, 2008, Leader Phone® customers began receiving Call Summary emails at the end of each audio conference call. The Web 2.0 Call History online also contains this information, but customers have asked to also get this report via email. The Call Summary provides an immediate record of the telephone number for each person who participated in the audio conference and how long each person was on the call, as well as other account management information. Customers like this feature because it allows them to immediately print out the report and place it in their files with other information and notes about the call. Customers also find this feature useful for referencing phone numbers quickly. The Call Summary emails also include a one-line features section that will contain productivity and cost reduction suggestions.

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Central State University chooses Leader Alert®

New Health and Safety Alerting & Collaboration System for Central State University

Columbus, Ohio (October 20, 2008) – Central State University president John W. Garland announced today that the school has chosen Leader Alert®, a health and safety alerting product, for use at its Wilberforce and Dayton, Ohio campuses of more than 2,100 students. According to Garland: "This decision underlines our commitment to our students´ safety in emergency situations." Garland says: "Central State believes that Leader Alert offers peace of mind to parents and students – we know that parents want to be sure that the university is taking all reasonable precautions in emergency situations, and we will now be able to contact all of our students and faculty and staff within minutes."

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Get Green with Leader Phone® Web 2.0 Audio Conferencing

Higher quality and more features at less cost... and it´s green !!!

Columbus, Ohio (July 21, 2008) – Leader Technologies® announced today its Get Green initiative, which will implement special programs with green non-profits to reduce communication costs and reduce the carbon footprint of participating companies simultaneously.

Chairman Mike McKibben points to Leader Phone® audio conferencing as an obvious way for companies to "get greener." "Our Web 2.0 innovations in phone conferencing have greatly improved calling quality and service while reducing cost."

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Mansfield, Ohio City Schools implement Leader Alert® system-wide

School district offers enhanced security to stakeholders with Leader Alert´s opt-in web portal

Columbus, Ohio (June 25, 2008) – Lloyd D. Martin, superintendent of Mansfield, Ohio City Schools, announced today that the school disctrict has chosen Leader Alert®, a health and safety alerting product, for use in its school district of 4700 students.

Leader Alert®, the creation of Leader Technologies® of Columbus, Ohio, makes it possible for a school to quickly and simultaneously alert thousands of parents and staff by telephone, texting, and email in case of emergencies ranging from lurking predators to snow days.

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Columbus Regional Airport Authority Enhances Emergency Communications

Westerville-based Leader Technologies® will provide its innovative Leader Alert® system along with Leader Phone® collaboration services as the needs arise

Columbus, Ohio (June 6, 2008) – The Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) announced today it will use Westerville-based Leader Technologies´ innovative Leader Alert® system to enhance airport security and make possible the simultaneous alerting of all key personnel in case of an emergency. Leader Phone® audio conferencing will supplement the services as required.

According to Public Safety Director Richard Morgan, the Airport Authority saw Leader Alert´s unique Web 2.0 alerting capabilities as a key component in meeting the security needs for Port Columbus, Rickenbacker and Bolton Field airports. CRAA conducted months of testing in various conditions and security scenarios before making its decision.

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Ohio School Boards Association announces Leader Alert® endorsement

Ohio School Boards Association endorses Leader Alert® for its 700 + member districts; Leader Alert® is a sister product to Leader Phone® audio conferencing focusing on safety and security alert notification

Columbus, Ohio (April 28, 2008) – The Ohio School Boards Association announced today its endorsement of Leader Alert, a health and safety alerting product, for the more than 700 Ohio public school districts that comprise its membership. Leader Alert, the creation of Leader Technologies of Columbus, Ohio, makes it possible for a school to quickly and simultaneously alert thousands of parents and staff by telephone, texting, and email in case of emergencies ranging from lurking predators to snow days.

See the June 2008 issue of OSBA Journal for the OSBA: Working for you article by Amanda Levy entitled "When seconds count, count on Leader Alert", or view the article here: OSBA Journal Reprint

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Leader Alert® Supports Shawnee State University Safety Lockdown

Leader Alert®, a Leader Phone® sister product, quickly notified over 3500 SSU students, faculty and staff of the unfolding emergency situation

Portsmouth, Ohio (February 7, 2008) – When the community of Portsmouth, Ohio learned on February 7th that a fifth-grade teacher at Notre Dame Elementary School had been attacked in the classroom in front of her horrified students, they did not know at first whether it was an isolated incident or part of a larger threat. But Portsmouth-based Shawnee State University was prepared. Their Emergency Response Team used Leader Alert® to issue an emergency message that was received within minutes by all 3549 students, faculty, and staff.

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Leader supports suburban Cleveland middle school safety lockdown

Leader Alert® quickly notified 700 Parma City Schools parents, prevented panic

Parma, Ohio (April 27 , 2007) — An April 18 lockdown at Greenbriar Middle School in Parma, Ohio ended calmly when a 59-year old woman carrying a knife was quickly disarmed in the school´s entrance airlock, police were called, and school officials used an Ohio company´s product, Leader Alert®, to send a 40-second voice alert to the phones of 700 parents of students within minutes of the incident, avoiding a school closure and allowing classes to continue.

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Leader issues White Paper: "The Future of Campus Alerting"

Timely and informative alerts can save lives, unify response, stop rumors, and prevent panic

Columbus, Ohio (April 20, 2007) — "The tragedy at Viriginia Tech University on April 17, 2007 has school administrators across the nation looking for better ways to notify students, faculty, staff and even worried parents, friends, relatives and alumni about threatening situations. Security experts believe that timely notices to students and faculty, warning of a possible gunman on campus, might have lessened or even prevented the loss of life that followed.

Hindsight is 20-20. No one knows for sure whether any kind of alert could have prevented the scope of this tragedy. A lone, crazed gunman with no previous history of violence is impossible to predict. However, we owe it to the memories of the students and professors whose lives were lost to try and make sense out of the lessons learned, so that future lives may be spared the suffering so needlessly inflicted upon so many."

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Leader issued U.S. Patent for Digital Leaderboard® communication engine

Patent covers aspects of Leader´s inventions sometimes refered to today as "social networking"

Columbus, Ohio (November 17, 2006) — Leader Technologies has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Digital Leaderboard® Web 2.0, unified communications technology, the core technology that drives its suite of voice, video and data collaboration products and services.

"Ten years ago I anticipated that the Internet would become the primary way people and enterprises would collaborate on a massive scale," said Michael T. McKibben, chairman and founder of Leader, and inventor of the Digital Leaderboard® technology. "The granting of this patent validates our vision, leadership, perseverance and it protects our valuable intellectual property."

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Leader hosts former White House security advisor

DeGenero consults on protection of intellectual property, security and intelligence

Columbus, Ohio (October 26, 2006) — Leader Technologies hosted William (Bill) DeGenaro, a former security advisor to the White House during the Reagan and Bush (Sr.) administrations. After his service at the White House he was Director of Strategy & Innovation at 3M. DeGenaro focused his training on innovations and how to protect shareholder value.

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Leader assists Louisiana Governor´s Office following Hurricane Katrina

Leader provided the only working telephone collaboration network for many months following the storms; Leader Phone provided critical links between Louisiana state agencies, U.S. federal agencies and Louisiana elected officals

Columbus, Ohio (September 2, 2005) — Leader Technologies responded to an urgent call Tuesday, Aug. 30, from Louisiana officials following Hurricane Katrina to provide critical telecommunications services. LeaderPhone® was deployed immediately, linking the governor with dozens of federal, state and local disaster recovery officials, said Mike McKibben, Chairman and founder of Leader.

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Leader hosts The Ohio Homeland Security Initiative at The Ohio State University

Conference explored available technologies to improve homeland security, including Leader Phone®, Leader Alert® and Leader Meeting™

Columbus, Ohio (December 13, 2004) — Leader helped bring together experts from government, academia and industry into a think-tank forum. The forum focused on state and local first responder "command and control" solutions that can be implemented now to help overcome the lack of communications and control that hinders disaster response and costs lives. Participating companies and organizations included General Dynamics, Cardinal Health, McDonald´s, Sprint, Nextel, Bricker & Eckler, City of Columbus Department of Public Safety, WOSU-TV, The Ohio State University, Center for Strategic Management, Tibco, The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and a number of other core technology providers.

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Leader Phone® chosen by Kansas as exclusive conference call provider

Leader Phone® competed against all major telephone carriers to win the business

Columbus, Ohio (November 24, 2004) — The State of Kansas has signed a contract with LeaderPhone® to provide audio conference calling services to all state agencies, slashing the cost in half over the previous carrier.

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State of Wyoming chooses Leader Phone ® conference calling services

Columbus, Ohio (May 10, 2004) — The State of Wyoming has entered into contract with Leader to expand its use of LeaderPhone Teleconferencing Services to 38 state agencies. More are planned. Jonathan Downing, Policy Analyst for the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says, “Our employees and business partners have been very pleased with Leader´s services. They have resulted in a significant cost savings for our programs. At a time when we are faced with limited resources, Leader´s advanced on-demand technologies have assisted us with maintaining a competitive edge in the provision of teleconferencing services to a state covering 97,813 square miles.

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Leader played key part in Terrorex 04 Homeland Security simulation

Leader Phon®e and Leader Alert® provide a central communications capability to this conference sponsored by the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Boeing

Columbus, Ohio (January 7-11, 2004) — Terrorex 2004 was a high-level Homeland Security conference among experts from commerce, industry, education, and government at the federal, state and local levels who are preparing the United States and its allies against terrorist attacks. It is believed to be the largest interagency anti-terrorism drill ever conducted. Leader Alert™, Leader Phone®, Leader2Leader®, Leader Meeting® and Leader Smart Camera™ provided audio and video communications and allowed agencies involved to collaborate online to react and respond to terrorist threat simulations.

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Leader2Leader® Homeland Security Information Rights Management Platform
Leader2Leader® Business Continuity Platform

Columbus Business First Cover Story: "Angels´ Eyes

Columbus is not a well-spring for venture capital, so Leader´s founder and chairman sought support from alternative financing sources

Columbus, Ohio (June 6, 2003) — In shadow of big VC deals, small investors keep entrepreneurs supplied with capital" – Mike McKibben has spent the last six years taking his Westerville-based company through an intensive research-and-development phase.

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Leader awarded 2003 Tier I Ohio Award for Excellence

Award focused on Leader´s advance business development and research and developments programs and processes

Columbus, Ohio (May 23, 2003) — Business First, May 14, "Several Central Ohio businesses and organizations have received Ohio Awards of Excellence. The awards, endorsed by Gov. Bob Taft [and modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award], recognize best practices..." Business First

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Leader Selects DataPower to Accelerate Conference Calling

Leader´s innovative architecture needed accelerators to handle its scalable capacity

Columbus, Ohio (February 17, 2003) — LeaderPhone®, our reservationless, web-enabled audio conference calling service, is now more responsive to users with the addition of XML acceleration technology provided by DataPower Technology, Inc.

CNet | Network World | Application Development Trends | eWeek | Business Week Online | InfoWorld

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eWeek Reviews LeaderPhone®

Leader Phone® hightlighted for its innovations

Columbus, Ohio (January 13, 2003) — LeaderPhone® press coverage 1-13-03 - "LeaderPhone Allows Law Firm To Control, Monitor Calls, Helps Reduce Cost"

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