Basic Audio Conferencing

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"Leader Phone® Lite smashed the expense barrier by giving me free audio conferencing where I pay only my normal long distance. You never get a bill
from Leader! It's hard
to believe such
services used to
cost $1 per minute!
—Sally Ochoa, Illinois

Leader Phone® Lite

When all you need is basic audio conferencing...

In the past you had only one choice — Call AT&T or your carrier. Tell the operator you want to set up a conference call. Be transferred to a call center. Tell another operator that you want to set up a conference call. Be transferred to the conference calling operator. Repeat your need a third time to set up a conference call. Recite the time, date and number of participants expected. Review the rules and restrictions. Discuss whether operators were required to be on the call. Provide your billing and payment information. Review how the conference call is charged per minute. Write down the dial in number and PIN that the operator finally gives you. Hang up. Whew.

With Leader Phone® Lite you simply click Sign Up Now. Enter your email address. Press Submit. See your dial in number and PIN on screen. It's that easy! (NOTE: Leader Phone® Lite has been discontinued.) Go Pro!

We created Leader Phone® Lite after our support of Hurricane Katrina life-saving. Louisiana needed an Everyman service with no gatekeepers — where people could sign up and audio conference anytime. We saw wonderful human creativity unleashed when ordinary citizens used audio conferencing to solve problems spontaneously. Leader Phone® Lite can be used for international dial-in, to remain anonymous, for virtual classrooms, for community education, as a homeland security tool, for training, planning family events, for political organizing... and any time the funds to purchase the Leader Phone® Pro productivity enhancements are just not available.

Basic You receive a tolled dial-in number and "Meet Me" PIN immediately upon sign up. This allows you to start audio conferencing immediately. Use *7/*9 for mute/unmute and *2/*8 for volume higher/lower. Starter Try Lite if you've never used audio conferencing. It is useful anytime you need to get a group of people together on a topic of common interest. It has numerous personal and work benefits. Sponsored Leader Phone® Lite is sponsored. This means you don't pay anything for the service. Those charges are covered by the sponsors. You may hear a "sponsored by" notice as you enter a call, but that´s it.
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