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Safe Harbor Principles. Leader Phone® generally subscribes to the "safe harbor" privacy framework that the United States Department of Commerce has negotiated with the European Commission. The safe harbor privacy framework includes the final documents issued by the United States and published in the Federal Register on July 24, 2000 and September 19, 2000, and by the European Commission on July 28, 2000. Those documents can be reviewed at While Leader Phone® does not maintain the annual voluntary certification offered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, we nevertheless strive to comply with the seven privacy principles set forth in the safe harbor framework, which are: (1) Notice - Individuals must be informed that their data is being collected and about how it will be used; (2) Choice - Individuals must have the ability to opt out of the collection and forward transfer of the data to third parties; (3) Onward Transfer - Transfers of data to third parties may only occur to other organizations that follow adequate data protection principles; (4) Security - Reasonable efforts must be made to prevent loss of collected information; (5) Data Integrity - Data must be relevant and reliable for the purpose it was collected for; (6) Access - Individuals must be able to access information held about them, and correct or delete it if it is inaccurate; and (7) Enforcement - There must be effective means of enforcing these rules. These seven principles are provided in this paragraph for convenience only and are not intended to superceded the terms of the Leader Phone® End User & Subscriber Agreement which shall govern the entire relationship between Leader Phone® and its customers.