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  3. Leader Phone® Meet Me / Star *1 / Handset Controls
  4. Operator Assistance
  5. Call History
  6. Call Setup
  7. Contact Lists
  8. Dial-in Number & PINs
  9. Dialing Phone Extensions
  10. Maximum Conference Participants
  11. User ID/Password Management
  12. Partner Opportunities
  13. Leader Phone® Pro Customer Select Pricing Options


Q. What is Web 2.0-managed Teleconferencing?

A. Web 2.0-managed teleconferencing brings together the best of the conventional telecommunications world with newer Internet-based services. This blend gives you the user more flexibility in using services and features that best meet your needs. All your communications needs are not the same; hence, your audio conferencing service should adapt to you rather than you to it. That happens for the first time in the audio conferencing industry because of Leader's Web 2.0 technology innovations. Leader Phone® Pro's powerful web controls give you a lot more control over your audio conferences than you have ever had before.

Q. What are the various ways to place a conference call?

A. There are at least 3 different ways to make a conference call depending upon you needs.

  1. With Leader Phone® Pro you can schedule a call with Call Setup. This call will occur some time in the future. The system can either call in using their PIN which the system sends them automatically, or the system can call them automatically at the schedule time.
  2. With Leader Phone® Pro you can place a call right now with either Call Setup or Quick Call. You have various security options from which to choose, depending upon how secure the call needs to be.
  3. With Leader Phone® Pro you can use a Meet Me PIN and conduct a call at any time. You will use a toll-free 800 dial-in number. With Pro the charges accrue to your Pro account and are paid monthly, or every $50 accrued if you pay by credit card.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. It's easy. Simply click the Sign Up button at the top of this page and choose Leader Phone® Pro service. You will receive a dial-in number and PIN immediately. You can be conducting an audio conference in minutes.

Q. How am I billed?

A. With Leader Phone® Pro you sign up with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). Your credit card is validated at the time you sign up to ensure that it is a good, current card, but no charges are applied. Guaranteed. The first 30 minutes are free and no charges will apply. If you never use the service more than 30 minutes, no charges will appear on your card statement. Guaranteed. After your 30 free minutes, your accrued charges thereafter will be processed every $50 of usage by default. This default can be changed by request to support@leader.com to occur once a month, at the end of the month.

With Leader Phone® Pro monthly invoiced billing is possible. If you wish to arrange invoiced billing, send us an email request at enterprisesales@leader.com or telephone us at (877) 278-6117 and ask for the National Sales Manager. You can go ahead and sign up using your credit card as described in the previous paragraph. Once you are approved for invoice billing, our accounting department will remove your credit card information from your account.

Q. How do I get technical support?

A.We strive to answer all questions immediately so you don't have to wait. That is possible with most questions. However, we've learned that different customers like to get help in different ways, so we strive to accommodate your preferred method.

  1. Questions? (IM) - On many screens in this site you will see a "Questions? Chat Live" sidebar on the left. Simply click the "Click-to-IM Your Questions" button. A Leader Phone customer service person will be able to instant message with you live in order to get your answer. If you would prefer a phone call, just say so in the IM and we will call you.

    If it is a deeper technical question, they may be able to get help from an engineer right away. During after hours, or if our representatives are all assisting customers when you IM, you can still type your question and it will be logged immediately and routed to the next available representative who will get right back to you. Be sure to leave your email and/or name and telephone number.

  2. Email - Send us an email with your question(s) to support@leader.com. We try to answer all support questions immediately, and definitely the next business morning.

  3. Telephone - Call us at (614) 890-1986.

  4. Online Helps - In the Leader Phone® Pro web console click the "Help" button to read a full online user guide complete with animated tutorials.

  5. Video Shorts - View the short instructional "How To" videos by pressing the Leader Phone® Pro button at the top of this screen.

  6. User Guides - Read the one-page "How To" User Guides available by pressing the Leader Phone® Pro button at the top of this screen.

  7. Webinars - We will conduct online webinars for you free of charge upon request. Send your request for a webinar to support@leader.com.

  8. Operator/Moderator Assistance - Sometimes customers prefer to have a Leader Phone® operator manage a call. This is often the case with audio conferences involving many participants, where Q&A is needed or where certain participants may have unique technical issues (like a mix of participants on a myriad of devices from mobile and wireless to VoIP to conference rooms with speaker volume issues). Send your request for Operator/Moderator assistance to support@leader.com

Q. How do I learn about pricing?

A. Pricing is simple. Leader Phone® Pro is 9.5 cents per minute per participant "out of the box" with no hidden charges as is customary with many other services that are trying to hide your true cost from you (and appear to be more price competitive than they really are). Volume discounts are available for enterprise customers. Volume pricing can be as low as 4.5 cents per minute per participant. Contact sales@leader.com or call (877) 278-6117 for more information on pricing. If you have unique circumstances, unique prices can be arranged.

Q. Where do I go for more information?

A. For general information email us at info@leader.com. For more detailed service information email us at sales@leader.com. Alternatively, if you are already signed up to Leader Phone® Pro you can use the Online Help features, handy User Guides and instructional videos.

Q. Do you have any setup charges for conferences?

A. Generally, no. We designed the system to eliminate such charges! Besides, we enjoy helping our customers be successful! Generally our customers can manage the services themselves. It's that easy. However, occasionally a special circumstance arises, but even there, unless it is particularly time-consuming, you will not be charged. Such circumstances are rare. An exception was our support of the Governor of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. Governor Blanco's Chief of Staff, Andy Kopplin, asked us if we could retrofit Leader Phone® online so that he could post life-saving and disaster recovery news for federal and state agencies since his in-state communications services had been crippled. Within days we had these special Leader Phone® News services up and running, and the state eventually paid a setup charge for this request.

Q. Do I need a reservation to start my conferences?

A. No! We designed the system to eliminate reservations entirely! You can conduct a conference call any time. Leader Phone® Pro even gives you the ability to schedule conference calls in the future and have the system automatically notify participants by email of the call time. You can even have Leader Phone® Pro include email attachments with the notice for things like spreadsheets, documents, photos and presentations.


Q. I am having a problem getting my Credit Card authorized, but I know it is a valid card. Why is this happening?

A. This circumstance can only occur when signing up for Leader Phone® Pro. Several of the more common occurrences are: (1) you entered your business address but your credit card is registered to your personal address, or vise versa or (2) you entered your name as the account holder but your credit card is registered to your company's name, or vise versa.

Generally credit card authorization problems at Sign Up occur when the information you enter into Leader Phone® Pro is different than what is on file with your credit card provider. Sometimes a new customer signs up using their business contact information and a personal credit card, or visa versa. Please ensure that the contact information you enter is the same as that for your credit card.

In Leader Phone® Pro you can log in to your account online, click "Account", correct your information, then click" Validate CC" in the upper right hand corner. If you continue to have issues, please contact us at support@leader.com. We'll get it fixed.

Q. I have a question about my bill. What do I do?

A. Call us at (877) 278-6117 or email us at support@leader.com. A Leader Phone representative will contact you quickly and most certainly by the next business day.

Q. When will I receive my bill?

A. For Leader Phone® Pro credit card accounts, following your first 100 free minutes where there is no charge (guaranteed), your credit card will be charged in $50 increments by default unless you make arrangements for one end-of-month charge. For Leader Phone® Pro customer who arrange for a monthly invoice, the previous month's charges are tallying on the first business day of the following month and mailed to you. Enterprise customers with service-level agreements will receive invoicing according to the terms agreed.

Q. Can I receive a bill instead of having my credit card billed?

A. With Leader Phone® Pro your credit card is charged by default, but you can request to be invoiced monthly by contacting us at enterprisesales@leader.com.


Q. What are Meet Me, Star *1™ and Handset Controls?

A. Leader Phone® Meet Me is a way to hold calls at any time or any place. There are 2 types of Leader Phone® Meet Me's: Hosted Meet Me (Leader Phone® Pro only) and Single PIN Meet Me.

Hosted Meet Me

  • A hosted Meet Me has 2 PINs, the host is assigned one PIN and all other participants another.
  • Participants can dial into the call before the host, but they are put on hold. The call begins as soon as the host joins the call.
  • The host can freely distribute the participant PIN knowing that calls can not occur without the host PIN.
  • Calls are reservationless, meaning they can occur at any time, day or night 24x7x365.
  • Various touch tone options are available to manage the call while it is going on - see below.

Single PIN Meet Me

  • One PIN for all participants in a call
  • Distribute the single PIN to any participants.
  • Calls are reservationless, meaning that they can occur at any time, day or night, 24x7x365.
  • A call begins when the first participant dials in. The host does not have to dial in for the call to begin.

Leader Phone® Pro Handset Controls -

    Hosted Meet Me - HOST Controls

Options menu
Add a participant
Disable/Enable entry and exit tones
Call a group
Increase volume of your handset
Increase volume of entire call
Disconnect last *1 participant added
Record start/pause
Enable/Disable tagging for transcriptions
Conferencing sidebar
Conference lock (no new participants)
Continue without host present on call
Mute yourself
Lecture mode ON (mute all, except host)
Decrease volume of your handset
Decrease volume of entire call
UnMute yourself
Lecture mode OFF (unmute all)
Request Operator
Hear participant count

    Hosted Meet Me - PARTICIPANT Controls

Options menu
Increase volume of your handset
Increase volume of entire call
Mute yourself
Decrease volume of your handset
Decrease volume of entire call
UnMute yourself

    Single PIN Meet Me Controls

Options menu
Add a participant
Disable/Enable entry and exit tones
Call a group
Increase volume of your handset
Increase volume of entire call
Disconnect last *1 participant added
Record start/pause
Enable/Disable tagging for transcriptions
Conferencing sidebar
Mute yourself
Decrease volume of your handset
Decrease volume of entire call
UnMute yourself
Request Operator

Additional Instructions
*1 - Enter Area Code & Number (do not enter a 1 prefix).
11 - Create group lists from you Leader Phone® web console.
*3 - Use with *1 to drop the last participant added.
44 - Use with *4 to tag a conference recording to be transcribed.
*5 - Use with *1 when encountering an automated attendant;
    after connecting, press *5 to reenter call with new participant.


Q. Is Operator assistance available?

A. Yes. This service is only available with Leader Phone® Pro. Simply call (614) 890-1986 and an operator will assist you in making your call. The operator will help you set up the call, and even stay on the call for a few minutes to make sure all parties are connected. Operator-assisted calls are $0.20 per minute per participant unless otherwise agreed prior to the call. Call Leader Phone® sales at (614) 890-1986 or email support@leader.com with any questions you have about this service.

Q. Can a Moderator be made available for large calls?

A. Yes. This service is only available with Leader Phone® Pro. Moderator services are available upon request. Generally a Leader Phone® moderator is required if the Host needs to manage a Q&A session as a part of his or her audio conference. The Moderator will provide instruction to the participants on how to ask a question and will introduce the questioner when they reach the top of the queue. Moderator services are customized to the individual needs of each session, so pricing will vary depending upon what you want the Moderator to do for you. We recommend at least Operator assistance if not Moderator assistance when you are hosting a call with a large number of participants. This way if certain participants have issues with noise on their line (which happens sometimes if they are calling from home on a poor quality VoIP connection using a wireless phone), are calling from a noisy restaurant, or dogs are barking in the background, etc. The Operator or Moderator can work to mute those legs of the call to avoid disruptions.


Q. Can I view my Call History online?

A. Yes with Leader Phone® Pro you can login to your Leader Phone® Pro web control console and click on Call History. This service is real time and will show your most recent call almost immediately. With both Pro and Lite you will receive an email at the end of each call with a handy summary of the call and the phone numbers of all the participants.


Q. What's the difference between "Call Setup" & "Quick Call"?

A. These are advance features within Leader Phone® Pro only. Quick Call is a very powerful feature sometimes affectionately called "blast dial" by our customers. It enables you to select a group of participants and click Call Now. The Leader Phone® Pro server automatically dials each participant simultaneously. No need for dial in numbers or PINs.

Call Setup is a more advanced version of Quick Call. It enables you to schedule a call in the future and select to have the participants "blast dialed" or sent a PIN by email. You can include file attachments in this email as well, like PowerPoint® presentations, Excel® spreadsheets or multi-media.

With both Quick Call and Call Setup you can monitor the progress of a call in real time from the Leader Phone® Pro web console. You can even mute, unmute, add callers and drop participants right from the web console.


Q. Do I have to re-enter my Contact List into the system?

A. This is a Leader Phone® Pro feature only. No. You can import your Outlook® contact list. The instructions for this are in the Leader Phone® Pro web console online. We do not recommend that you upload your entire Outlook® list as it likely contains the names of many people that you will never invite to a conference call. We suggest that you cull a short list in Outlook® and export that list instead. If you need assistance doing this, click the Questions? IM sidebar above, call us at (877) 278-6117 or email us your question to support@leader.com


Q. What does it mean to "dial in" to the system?

A. Leader Phone® Pro supports participants dialing a special 800 phone number and then entering a special PIN when prompted by the Leader Phone® automated attendant in order to enter the audio conference. To use the Dial In services, you as the Host should distribute the Dial In number and PIN to each participant you want on the call along with the date and time. At the appointed time, the participants all dial the same Dial In number and enter the PIN you sent them when prompted. When a participant comes into the call you will hear a single beep. When a participant leaves the call you will hear a double beep. It's that simple!

Q. Why do I get different PINs every time I setup a conference call?

A. This feature only operates in Leader Phone® Pro. It is a selection that you as the Host make at the time you set up a call using Call Setup. This feature is designed for calls where you want more privacy and more assurance that interlopers are not able to silently get on your confidential call. With Call Setup, each participant receives a unique PIN that only operates for that single call. When these kinds of calls end, the PINs dissolve. You can monitor these calls online via the Leader Phone® Pro web console.

This feature is especially useful for high security calls like public offering planning, personnel discussions, doctor-patient conferences, intelligence meetings, law enforcement meetings, research and development meetings... calls involving highly sensitive subject matter. Leader Phone® Pro may be the only audio conferencing service on the planet offering this high level of security and privacy option at no extra charge.

Q. What is a Universal Access PIN?

A. This feature only operates in Leader Phone® Pro. Using Call Setup you may select the Universal Access PIN option. This issues you as the Host and additional PIN for this audio conference that multiple people can use to enter a conference where otherwise unique individual PINs have been issued. This Universal PIN is handy in situations where you have unplanned participants that you want to get on a high security call. All you have to do is give them the dial in number and Universal PIN and they can join the call. This way the Host does not have to interrupt the call to add that participant.


Q. Can the system call PBX extensions or hotel rooms?

A. Yes with Leader Phone® Pro.

This feature works when adding a Participant using Star*1. Sometimes you will dial a number that requires you to enter numbers or codes for the called party. When this happens you simply press *5 on your handset. This will place you in a temporary one-on-one call with the number you are dialing (but you have not left the conference call - we call this a "Conference Sidebar." Enter the extension when prompted. Once you have the person on the line you are both then ready to rejoin the conference. You simply press *5 again and the two of you will be immediately enter the call. If the person doesn't answer, you simply press *3 to drop this Conference Sidebar and reenter the conference. Contact support@leader.com for assistance.

If you wish to avoid the Conference Sidebar, ensure that your participants are provided with the conference dial-in number and ask them to dial in.


Q. What is the maximum number of participants on a call?

A. We suggest that you keep it under 120 if you plan to manage it yourself. For larger calls we strongly suggest you use the Leader Phone® Pro Operator-assisted service. Large numbers of participants require some planning and our operators are familiar with those issues. They can help ensure that you have a smooth and trouble-free conference experience.


Q. What happens if I forget my Password?

A. This is a Leader Phone® Pro only issue. At the time you sign up, you will be prompted to enter a Password Hint. At Login, if you forget your password, click "Please E-mail my Password Hint". This hint will be emailed to you. If you forget what the hint was hinting you about, then you'll need your password reset (even Leader Phone® administrators cannot see your secure Password). To reset your Password, phone us at (877) 278-6117 or email support@leader.com with your request. Once we verify you identity, a Leader Phone systems administrator will create a temporary password for you to login which you will want to change after you have logged in.

Q. What happens if I forget my UserID?

A. Phone us at (877) 278-6117 or send an email requesting your UserID to support@leader.com. After we verify your identity, we will send it to you.


Q. Do you have an Affiliate Program?

A. Yes. Click on the Leader Phone® Pro Resellers menu choice at the top of this page, or call us at (877) 278-6117 or email us at affiliate@leader.com. A Leader Phone® representative will be more than happy to discuss these opportunities with you. Our affiliates generate recurring revenue from every call minute that they help us sell. Join us now! Why wait?!


Q. What are my alternative pricing choices?

A. For larger accounts, our Leader Phone® Pro Customer Select program gives you a number of pricing options that can accommodate your particular circumstances. Click here to learn more, then call us at (877) 278-6117 and asked for a Leader Phone® sales representative to discuss which program best fits your needs.

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