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Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Contact Leader Phone® Pro Sales to request further information on any of these case studies.* Click on any blue button to request case study information for that industry. These are only representative industries. If you are interested in a case study in an industry not listed below, simply change the subject of the email and request information for that industry, we probably serve that industry also.

Disaster Response Communications
State of Louisiana - Office of the Governor

The morning the levees broke in New Orleans, the phone networks in the entire state of Louisiana were damaged and became overloaded for in-state calls. Even though Louisiana citizens could not call each other, many could still call out of state due to the way phone switches are engineered. Andy Kopplin, the Governor's Chief of Staff, called Leader Phone and asked if we could assist them by providing a vital communications link between the Governor's Emergency Operations Center, state agencies, first responders, federal agencies and the outside world. For months following the storm Leader Phone provided audio conferencing services and the only working phone system to coordinate life-saving and disaster response to the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States.

Executive Recruiting
McIntyre Corporation

McIntyre conducts personnel meetings about new placement prospect evaluations on a daily basis with placement resources around the country. The CEO says "We need conference call detail for our files and prior to Leader Phone, we would receive our call data weeks after the call. No other service in the past provided the real time call information that Leader Phone now does; all as a part of their one low rate. We love it."

State of Kansas

Hundreds of agencies of the Kansas state government have relied upon Leader Phone for over five years for a wide variety of uses and circumstances ranging from everyday business, swine flu prevention planning and tornado disaster response to education planning and judicial proceedings and conferences.

Transportation Systems

This national trucking firm conducts numerous performance reviews and problem solving with their personnel from coast to coast, mostly by telephone. Many of these calls address personnel issues that need good documentation for the files. They especially like the immediate call detail available from Leader Phone® via email and in their secure online Leader Phone® web console.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive uses a range of telephone and data services with traditional PBX technology and new VoIP technologies. Even with all this in-house technologies Progressive found that audio conferencing using these technologies is too cumbersome and fraught with technical glitches. The internal support costs drove Progressive's IT and telephony personnel to subscribe to a Leader Phone® service level agreement. Progressive's IT executive says "Leader Phone performs in a stellar manner."

Winnegan & Severenson

This medium-sized national law firm uses Leader Phone® for a myriad of client services as well as partner meetings which are largely conducting on Leader Phone® since the partners are spread out nationally and internationally. The person in charge of administrative operations says "Leader Phone is very useful, since we need to schedule calls, each with a different PIN. It allows us to maintain confidentiality. It's easy and convenient to set up a call. It's also priced just right. We like how it supports billing for our clients, with access to the billing information right after the call. We're happy."

Lutheran Services

This non-profit agency conducts regular conference calls with its key supporters and staff. The supporter calls use the Leader Phone Lite services where each participant pays their normal long distance charge and there is no extra costs to the agency. Leader Phone Pro is used for the regular staff calls where the agency picks up the costs of the call and uses the value added feature such as record and direct dial to invite new participants during a call. The executive directors says, "I love Leader Phone's flexibility. We are always on a tight budget, so the ability to switch between Lite and Pro allows us to better manage our costs without sacrificing the many wonderful value added features Leader Phone offers. You have a great product!"

Financial Services
ATM Systems

ATM supports bank customers across North America with ATM equipment, software and services for processing millions of transactions per month. Their Chief Operating Officer says "Leader Phone is a wonderful tool. It's so easy you don't even think about it." ATM is on the phone constantly with staff, personnel and customers supporting their daily requirements and problem solving.

Food brokerage
Empire Foods

Empire provides extensive brand and product management services to hundreds of name brands in the grocery distribution business throughout the United States. They employ an army of part time workers with whom they communicate on a daily basis to coordinate new customer distribution campaigns and the timely placement of product on shelves of national and regional grocery chains. A senior manager and former CEO of a major 7-up bottler says "Leader Phone delivers a high quality product at a reasonable price and has superb customer service (unlike the carrier we used to use where the help desk was not very knowledgeable of their product). I have used many audio conferencing services over the years and Leader Phone is by far the best. I especially like the email summaries of each call. These allow me to do quick follow-ups without having to look up participants' telephone numbers. They're right there on the email. We do lots of follow up each day to make sure a customer's product is on the shelf on time and according to their precise specifications."

IT Services
Paradigm Systems

Paradigm engineering and R&D groups use Leader Phone® for their day and night conferences to resolve the many daily hurdles involved with developing and supporting their products. Paradigm's CTO says "Leader Phone is so handy. For our regularly scheduled conference calls we usually dial in. However, more than half our calls are spur of the moment problems that need solved in order to prevent a slow-down in the development effort. For these calls the Leader Phone Pro blast dial features is great. It lets us just call a whole group of people at once without having to schedule or set up a call. We just press a button and everyone comes on the call. As a software R&D shop ourselves we have a special appreciation for the elegant engineering at Leader Phone."

North Dakota School of Nursing

Virtual night class are conducted using Leader Phone®, allowing the working students to attend classes and interact with their instructor from homes. The instructor's lecture materials are presented online. This saves the instructors and students much time and expense and allows more time for collaboration and interaction.

Footnote: *Some of the actual organization names have been changed to preserve their privacy. Many customers have asked that their actual company names be disclosed by permission only once a Leader Phone® sales representative has verified bonafide interest. Therefore, when you contact Leader Phone® Sales for case study information, we will strive to obtain permission from that organization and person to have their actual names disclosed to you if that becomes an important element of your due diligence.

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