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"Leader Phone® offers an array of cool new Web 2.0 features. I upgraded my thinking from my low expectations of audio conferencing from the past. I cannot believe I waited so long to switch!" -Christina Anderson, Massachusetts

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The Past

Leader Phone audio conferencing services are revolutionizing an industry that has not seen this kind of innovation since the days when AT&T was broken apart into the "Baby Bells" like Bell South, Ameritech, and US West. At that point audio conferencing services were managed out of large call centers where your audio conferencing was set up by operators who actually booked time for your audio conference on their phone switches. You were charged extra for everything like late fees, no show fees and cancellation fees.

A decade ago a few companies started offering "reservationless" audio conferencing. Outside the large operator-assisted calls that still occur today, reservationless audio conferencing remained the state of the art, until Leader Phone®.


Leader Phone audio conferencing technology has married the best of traditional audio conferencing with an array of new Web 2.0 services that allow you to manage your entire audio conferencing experience from the web--on any scale you need, from large enterprise levels of services to medium and small business. Leader Phone®'s audio conferencing innovations take the cost and the hassle out of traditional conferencing and enable you to manage your services more efficiently, more conveniently and more importantly, at less cost.

In the crusty "old" audio conferencing days of a decade ago you received a dial in number and PIN and little else. Customer services was poor. Operators were uncaring. Getting new people on a call was a hassle. Waiting for stragglers was a productivity waster. No more.

The Difference

With Leader Phone® audio conferencing services you get prompt, friendly customer service where your questions are respected and we try to get your question answered immediately so you don't have to call back. The call quality is some of the best in the industry. Adding new participants is as easy as pressing *1. Recording a call is as easy as pressing *4. You can invite whole group of participants to an audio conferencing in a flash with group dial. Your billing history is online, real time, no waiting. We could keep going.

Move your audio conferencing services into the 21st Century with Leader Phone®!

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